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Reason's Male Dogs should be Neutered

I recently had a conversation at the Dog Park with a man who did not want to neuter his dog because he could not see any issues, such as aggression to other dogs, and "he'd be in pain for a week".
I found this article online with some of the medical reason's to Neuter your dog:
Traditionally neutering is done around six months of age, because that is the age of puberty in dogs. It is healthiest if neutering takes place after a puppy received at least two of its vaccinations to provide best immunity for most puppy hood diseases. Contrary to popular belief, castration of a male dog does not “break his spirit”… worldwide, it is probably the most common routine surgery done in animal hospitals. Neutering does not promote any undesirable physical or emotional impact on the dog. Neutering operations remove the source of testosterone, which leads to problematic, and often life-threatening health issues, as wells as undesired behavioral problems.
Here are the MEDICAL REASONS; there are also many other good and valid reasons to neuter. Testosterone is a very powerful anabolic steroid with many short and long-term effects. Here is a list of some of the medical conditions influenced by the presence of Testosterone.
1) Prostate effects
  • Benign Prostatic hypertrophy – a gross enlargement of the prostate gland, as occurs in human men. In the dog this enlargement does not cause difficulty in urination but may create serious constipation.
  • Primary Prostatic Carcinoma – a highly metastatic form of cancer, which is usually fatal.
  • Generalized Noninfectious Prostatitis – an acute inflammation of the prostate, which causes pain on urination and is usually accompanied by hematuria, blood in the urine.
  • *Prostatic Abscess – either single or multiple micro abscesses, this is an infection of the gland caused by bacteria. The gland is more susceptible to infection when under the influence of testosterone.
2) Hernias – There are a number of hernias caused by Testosterone, they include: Scrotal hernias, inguinal hernias (in the groin), and perineal hernias (the area next to the tail). These hernias all require surgical correction. These hernias can be severe and life threatening especially if an organ becomes entrapped in the hernia.
3) Cancer – numerous cancers have been directly associated with testosterone, they include: Sertoli Cell tumors, Leydig Cell tumors, Perianal adenocarcinoma, Seminomas and interstitial cell tumors. Also Primary Prostatic Carcinoma, as above, all require surgery and some may also require Radiation and/or Chemotherapy as well.
4) Infections – Brucellosis is the worst, it has only slight chronic signs in the dog but causes abortion in the bitch. Balanoposthitis a chronic infection of the prepuce and penis, inside the sheath, this is the dog that is dripping droplets of pus from the opening of the prepuce (or sheath).
5) Miscellaneous
  • Paraphimosis – the inability to resolve an erection, the penis is stuck in an erectile condition and is very painful.
  • Perianal and Rectal fistulas – infected tracts from the rectum to an opening near the anus, which is usually draining blood, pus and feces. This is a particularly nasty condition and usually requires a board certified surgeon. The treatment may require removal of the anus and or rectum and the dog may experience fecal incontinence afterwards.
Most of the above conditions are preventable by neutering your dog. Every man who owns a dog should read this and consider if he wants to put his dog through this. It has been proven that neutered dogs live longer, healthier, and happier lives. We should not anthropomorphize. That is to attribute human emotions apply to them, a dog doesn’t care whether it has been fixed or not. For those who are worried about the cosmetics, there are prosthetic implants, Neuticles tm, which can be placed in the scrotum at the time of neutering
Contrary to popular belief, there are no medical, emotional or sociological reasons for a male dog to sire, or female birth “just one litter”. A misinformation and/or misguidance may lead one to believe that “having just one litter” is somehow good for the dog psychologically or medically. And the emotional or educational benefit to your children to experience the birth, and care taking of a litter of pups should be a very carefully analyzed proposition. Will your children accompany you to the animal shelter when you drop off those last six puppies you “just weren’t able to find homes for”? If you do choose to allow your dog or cat to have a litter, please be certain that there are committed pet caretakers waiting and wanting to provide a home for them. Don’t contribute to the pathetic destruction of tens of thousands of animals euthanized yearly in pounds and shelters. You do have the power and intelligence to make a difference.

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Carole on Monday, February 21, 2011 7:11 PM
Hi Janet! You are spot on! Having worked as a vet tech for so many years, I saw so many male & female dogs die early from lack of neutering. So many painful cancers/uterine issues that could have been prevented! Not to mention Texas has a shelter euthanasia rate 65% higher than the national average. It is a shame to add more puppies to our state, when we have so many that suffer their last days in a shelter. Thanks for posting your information! -Carole Hopkins
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